50 Ohm coaxial cables & accessories

Our coaxial cable design, based on the use of high-quality cellular low-density foam and high-grade corrugated copper outer conductor, paired with 50 years manufacturing experience, guarantees cables of unrivalled performance. Amongst other things, our coaxial cables are characterized by very low attenuation, optimum bending behaviour and very low VSWR. Read more

In addition to coaxial cables, Eupen Cable also provides connectors, jumper cables, cable preparation tools and mounting accessories from a single source. Thanks to perfectly matched products, the combination of Eupen coaxial cables with Eupen connectors and jumper cables ensures a first-class and intermodulation-free connection between base station (BTS) and antenna.

For an optimal, fast and safe connector installation we recommend the use of our proven and user-friendly cable preparation tools. Close

50 Ohm coaxial cables & accessories - All datasheets