Cables for nuclear power plants

Especially in nuclear power plants, intended for generation and civil use of nuclear power, safety for humans, nature and the environment is of essence. For this reason, the most demanding requirements in terms of quality and safety are set for all power, control and instrumentation cables used in this field of application. Eupen cable is contributing to the reliability of this technology since beginning of the 1980s, when Eupen Cable started producing safety cables for nuclear power plants. Read more

The nuclear power plant cables from Eupen Cable – easily identifiable by the abbreviation “NU” – which stands for Nuclear – meet the highest safety demands and thus belong to the 1E qualified products (as per IEEE standards) in a nuclear power plant. This applies both to all LOCA (“loss-of-coolant accident”) resistant cable types, which are installed in the critical containment, as well as for the cables which are destined for the non-nuclear part of the plant.

The qualification of these cables is done on the basis of the most strict industrial standards. For the nuclear related aspects such as ageing, lifetime and radiation accident simulation, the IEEE standards are prevailing.

The product range of Eupen Cable includes power cables (medium voltage and low voltage), control cables and instrumentation cables for nuclear power plants. Close