Our philosophy determines our actions:

innovative and committed in the process, socially responsible and environmentally conscious

Kabelwerk Eupen AG is an innovative company with classic and traditional values: enjoyment of the product and its further development, strong commitment for quality and a deep respect for all people who contribute to the requisite working processes. With our entrepreneurial activities, we bear a responsibility for the region, the society and for the future generations. Our ties to the city of Eupen and the region “Ostbelgien” (East Belgium) are reflected in our entire conduct.


Quality through efficient processes

The satisfaction of our customers is our primary goal. We achieve this through high quality products which meet the expectations and requirements of our customers.
We are working process-oriented according to the ISO 9001 standard. That’s how we reach our objectives efficiently. We are using our resources effectively and responsibly and we strive to shorten and optimize our processes constantly. All our employees are encouraged to act self-responsible. Our suppliers are also closely integrated in our processes.

Social responsibility

For more than 110 years, Kabelwerk Eupen AG creates jobs at the Eupen site. The employees contribute significantly to the success of the company. From this results a particular social responsibility which consists in creating conditions for long-term employments. The safety of our employees always comes first. Clear rules and measures for accident prevention and regular work safety trainings ensure this responsibility towards our staff.

Committed to environmental protection

We feel committed to environmental protection and to the well-being of future generations. For us, that means that we seek to conserve natural resources and preferably use environmentally-friendly raw materials and additives. Through optimized processes, we manage to reduce the amount of waste, recycle it or dispose it in an eco-friendly way. In our social and ecological environment, we assume our responsibilities and motivate our employees to act as well in an environmentally conscious way. The ISO 14001 standard represents an important help and guideline for the implementation our environmentally friendly processes.

Fair and respectful interaction

Kabelwerk Eupen AG and all its employees act in an ethically correct way. Inside the company, we respect each other. With this attitude, we also deal with our customers, suppliers and all other business partners. We maintain a fair and corruption-free competition and protect the privacy and personal data of all participating players. Because we feel committed to our employees and to the Ostbelgien (East Belgium) region, it is one of our priorities to assure the continuity of our business – even in times of crisis.

We innovate to the extent possible in accordance with our company size. Our success is ensured through the quality of our products, our hard work and our excellent services. Our business partners appreciate our reliability. Our work, our dedication and our skills form the foundation of our long-term achievements and success.

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