Business divisions of Kabelwerk Eupen AG

Cables, plastic pipes and synthetic foam

Kabelwerk EUPEN AG is divided in three different business divisions with separate production sites in the city of Eupen: Eupen Cable, Eupen Pipe and Eupen Foam. Eupen Cable represents with approximately 80% of the group turnover and with an activity for more than 110 years the oldest and the biggest business division. The divisions Eupen Pipe and Eupen Foam were founded about 60 years ago and contribute today to the remaining group turnover in approximately equal parts.


Since the beginning of the company, more than 110 years ago, the cable range has been continuously extended in order to adapt to constantly changing market requirements and to upcoming new technologies. Today, Eupen Cable is a well-established and leading European cable manufacturer. With our vast product portfolio, which is ranging from power cables to telecommunication cables including special cables and accessories, we cover a large spectrum of applications.

Our customer base consists of engineering companies, industrial users, infrastructure and network operators, specialized contractors or electrical installers and distribution and wholesale companies.

Read more about the products and the applications of Eupen Cable.


With extensive know-how in the field of plastics and polymer compounds and with the firm intention to produce plastic pipes in Eupen, the Eupen Pipe division was founded in 1956.

Eupen Pipe offers a broad product range of temperature resistant PVC and Polyethylene pipes for gas, water and waste water applications. It includes also pressure pipes and pipes made of PE100-RC, a particularly resistant material, which is ideal for special installation methods. Cable protection pipes for building construction and civil engineering respectively for road and tunnel construction complete our product portfolio.

Learn more about the products and the applications of Eupen Pipe.


With the emergence of synthetic foams in the 1950s, the Eupen Foam division was set up. Since then, Eupen Foam is producing high-quality synthetic foams for the bedding and furniture industry, for the medical sector and for technical applications.

Foam products of Eupen Foam offer the highest comfort and safety. They are stable in shape, long lasting and are partly produced with renewable raw materials. Eupen Foam can supply the foam in blocks, as tailor-made finished products or as glued intermediate products ready for further processing. All our foam products are available in different hardnesses and densities. The brand families of Eupen Foam offer a great number of high-quality synthetic foams in numerous design varieties and quality grades.

Inform yourself about the brand families of Eupen Foam.

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