Foam for maximum comfort?

Absolutely – thanks to memory effect together with breathability.

Our comfort foams from the EUCAVISCO® brand impress users with their high open porosity with a simultaneous memory effect. The shape memory of the foam allows it to adapt to perfectly suit the contours of the body. EUCAVISCO® also achieves an excellent anti-decubitus effect thanks to the optimal memory effect.


The optimal memory effect?

A perfect response to the body – not too slow and not too fast.

An optimum memory effect: foam products from the EUCAVISCO®

brand set new standards in terms of comfort. Thanks to the shape memory, the visco foam reacts neither too slowly nor too quickly to turning movements but perfectly adapts to fit the body.

Thanks to the carefully selected visco polyols, the foam undergoes an optimum pressure distribution.

The body therefore sinks into the foam true to form. The EUCAVISCO® foams respond particularly well to pressure-sensitive body parts.

Your customers will float

And so it should be: With EUCAVISCO®, the mattress ideally fits the body and not the other way around. This is the great advantage of the memory effect. For your customers or patients this means perfect pressure relief. Whether neck, shoulder or back pain, EUCAVISCO® supports sleeping without pressure points and with an orthopaedically correct posture.

EUCAVISCO® offers your customers comfort – no matter whether they sleep on the side, stomach, or back. Once your customers are in their required sleeping position, they experience a feeling that comes very close to weightlessness.


Are there visco foams with a high level of air circulation?

Yes, there are. Thanks to the open cell structure.

The high open porosity with a simultaneous memory effect is a remarkable aspect to our EUCAVISCO® foams. As a result, they differ considerably from standard visco foams. Conventional visco foams typically exhibit a half-open cell structure.

The advantage of the open cell structure by EUCAVISCO®: Our premium foams are breathable and permeable to air. While conventional visco foams often have a higher resistance value, EUCAVISCO® offers much better air circulation with a water column of 0.5 mm to 15 mm. Consequently, EUCAVISCO® foams achieve optimal ventilation.

A dry sleep for your customers

Everyone perspires during sleep and, in doing so, releases water into the mattress, padding or head cushion. The task of the surface on which people lie is to regulate the absorption of this water. Thanks to their open cell structure, EUCAVISCO® products carry out this task with great success.

A further advantage: The open pores allow the air to circulate extensively. This leads to considerably less odour or bacterial development.


Staying healthy with the right foam?

That’s possible – with the anti-decubitus effect.

EUCAVISCO® achieves an excellent anti-decubitus effect thanks to the optimal memory effect. Consequently, EUCAVISCO® significantly counteracts the development of bedsores. Our EUCAVISCO® foams are actually recognised as medical foams in various European countries.

EUCAVISCO® foams also respond optimally when the body sinks into the mattress. This is because of the high degree of freedom of movement with a simultaneous memory effect. As a result, EUCAVISCO® products exceed even the highest requirements for a good and healthy sleep or rest.

Beneficial for the body

EUCAVISCO® provides your customers with expertise in the field of health. The viscoelastic properties of our foams cause an anti-decubitus effect. Consequently, there are no bedsores and the body is effectively and sustainably protected.

Pure relaxation: The body sinks optimally into the foam due to the interplay of freedom of movement and memory effect. Your customers will feel the difference to other foams.

The EUCAVISCO® product world

Special terms of delivery apply to qualities marked with *

Quality levelsProductBulk density (kg/m³)Compression hardness (kPa)
ClassicVisco 4516451,6
PlusVisco 5011501,1
PlusVisco 5016501,6
PlusVisco 5023502,3
PlusVisco 5043504,3
FirstVisco 6022602,2
FirstVisco 6516*651,6
FirstVisco 6516 CM651,6

EUCAVISCO® – A matter of comfort.

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