EUCABASE®, EUCASELECT®, EUCAFEEL® and EUCAVISCO® impress with extraordinary breathability, creating unique sleeping conditions.


Provide your premium-product customers with a consistent sense of freshness and a special sleep comfort. The innovative chemical composition of the foams in our family of brands ensures the best possible moisture regulation, bringing your customers a comfortable, relaxed sleep. The extremely open cell structure, the high air permeability and optimum heat distribution of our foams create perfect sleeping conditions. And even more importantly: the first-class pressure relief and high elasticity of these foams noticeably improve sleep quality.


The reliable degree of hardness provided by EUCABASE®, EUCASELECT®, EUCAFEEL® and EUVAVISCO® foams always ensures perfect sitting comfort.


As a manufacturer of fine seating furniture your customers demand high-quality products offering long-term quality. Our family of brands is distinguished by its high elasticity and uniform pressure distribution. In tests our foams have demonstrated enhanced rebound elasticity compared with conventional foams. EUCABASE®, EUCASELECT®, EUCAFEEL® and EUCAVISCO® are extremely long-lasting even under extreme conditions. With our products you are buying foams that are resistant to ageing and reliable over the long term.

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