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The pipe factory, which was setup in 1956, is one of Belgium's most important and largest extrusion plants for the production of PVC- and PE-pipes.

The facility has extensive warehouses and the most modern equipment. The Pipe Division  started with the development of plastic cable ducts. This was followed by the manufacture of sewage pipes, which formed the basis for Kabelwerk Eupen's launch into the sanitation sector. The company was soon in the positions to offer the Belgian market a very wide range of PVC- and polyethylene pipes for cold water, hot water and industrial installations, underground water mains, drainage systems, rainwater pipes and waste water installations, with PVC.C being introduced after 1970.

The computer aided facility blends various raw materials together, which are then pneumatically transferred to the automated extruder. The various blends are tested for quantity and quality, before being sent to the production unit. The modern techniques and computers, help the workforce to maintain the products at a consistently high standard. Through the use of constantly updated and improved techniques, this unit extrudes, calibrates, cools and labels the pipes. On exciting the extrusion line, an automatic socketing machine heats the pipes and fits the socket ends.

Permanent monitoring of the machines guartantees constant high quality and makes it possible to set up complete manufacturing facilities and installations, thanks to the use of the very latest reliable and readily processed materials. Since 2000, the quality control system has been certified in accordance with ISO9001. A specially equiped quality control laboratory, put the pipes through their paces, by subjecting them to the prescribed tests. These results are confirmed at both national and international inspection centers.

The pipes and accessories are used in many different applications : sheathing for electric cables, protection ducts for fibre optic and copper cables, water distribution and other pressurized liquids (sometimes also corrosive and/or polluted liquids) at temperatures op to 100° C, high pressure gas distribution, wastewater disposal and last but not least, pipes for drainage systems and ernergy recovery (E.G. geothermal energy).

Kabelwerk Eupen regularly supplies public water distribution companies with pipes of between 20 and 400 mm in diameter. Indeed, many gas suppliers use PE100 pipes manufactured by Kabelwerk Eupen for gas distribution, flame retardant PE pipes being the preferred choice for electrical installations.

In 2010, the Pipe Division started to produce PE100-RC pipes, which allow alternative techniques such as horizontal directional drilling, ploughing and milling, open trench installation without sand bed, and relining.


Our mission is to provide the best quality and service to the market to an affordable price, with the aim to be a strong and safe partner in the PE, PE100-RC and PVC-U market.


To stay a profitable and constant growing industry, still with the aim to provide the market with the newest technology, best quality and service.


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