EUCAFEEL® HT 4525: new hardness for soft mattress cores or hard toppers

EUPEN Foam Products expands its EUCAFEEL® product line. The new HT 4525 foam will supplement the previous portfolio with a harder foam version from now on. The material is suitable for the production of high-quality mattress toppers and can also be used as a relatively soft mattress core. Like all EUCAFEEL® foams, HT 4525 is particularly pressure-relieving, elastic, regulates moisture and heat in the best manner and is very long-lived.

The new EUCAFEEL® HT 4525, with a compression load deflection of 2.5 kPa, is firmer than the also-available foam HT 4515 with 1.5 kPa. The benefits of the higher hardness is in the new usage diversity, as sales manager Pascal Timmerman from EUPEN Foam Products explains: “Mattress manufacturers are now able to integrate HT 4525 into their mattress structure as a soft core, or to produce harder mattress toppers. “This kind of mattress structure could also be perfectly combined with a topper based on the already-available version HT 4515 or even existing visco-elastic foams.

Available in different cuts and colours

The HT 4525 foam version is already ready for serial production and available from EUPEN Foam Products from now on. The first renowned customers are already using the foam for production of their mattress collection 2016. EUPEN Foam Products supplies EUCAFEEL® foams either as raw blocks or, on demand, as cut rectangular cores or plates. Complex cuts are also possible on request. HT4525 is available in yellow by default. On the customer’s request, each batch can be marbled with an individual colouration.

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