Communication contaminated TDI (DCB)

Communication contaminated TDI DCB


Dear Business partners,


We got the information from our supplier that, in September, they delivered us TDI, which was contaminated with dichlorobenzene (DCB).

Thanks to our traceability we can identify every single production Batch.

If you are in possession of contaminated foam types, we explicitly ask you NOT to use them anymore. Please also check if you already did use, treat or sale such products. In this case do not hesitate to contact our sales team to discuss further steps.

If you got cut goods from our side we will asap send you a further list with the concerned order numbers.

Furthermore we want to point out that the TDI we are using at the moment is clean and not contaminated. Our current production is ensured. However due to a high demand of “good” foam types it may come to delays in delivery.

Therefore we ask your understanding if we maybe cannot always respect the normal delivery times.

Although this situation is due to faulty deliveries by our suppliers, we very much regret this and we make efforts to get back to normal situation as quickly as possible and offer you all our possible support.


For further questions do not hesitate to contact us.

Best regards


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